Petbites is owned and operated by Guardian Holdings HK Limited (Hong Kong Company).  The company was established in 2010 and is owned by Aaron Broderick of New Zealand.

One evening, Aaron and his wife Lilian were going out for dinner. Out of the blue a new-born kitten that could barely walk came towards them limping out of the bushes right next to two big rubbish bins. Lilian was so surprised that she’d never seen anything so adorable and so vulnerable! Yet there he was. This little tiny creature was moving himself so closely to her feet. They stopped, she picked him up with a melted heart. Wondering if he was a missing cat who had run away from home, they decided to let him go and left for dinner, thinking to themselves that if this kitten would still be there by the time they returned, they would take him home to look after.

When they got back, Lilian was so disappointed that she could not see him anywhere in sight. As they were walking through the main door to their building apartment, the little kitten was quietly sitting in the middle of a cane basket in the corner. Lilian was thrilled to find him again and decided to give him a home.

With no experience of raising a pet at all, Lilian poured her heart into this little thing, finding all kinds of different food and toys for him, and named him Leo.

Because Aaron and Lilian were always busy with work and would go on short-distance trips from time to time, they really needed some way to feed Leo and make sure their little roommate was ok while they were away temporarily. They bought their first auto feeder that was available in the market. When they found out the feeder was just not good enough and not smart enough, Aaron started coming up with ideas on how to make it better, smarter and more functional. That’s the story of how Petbites Smart Feeder was born.



Lilian, Aaron and Leo

The company currently operates from within China at the following address:

1701, Unit 1, Building 16
Greentown Begonia Garden
Ba Yi South Street
Wucheng District
Jinhua City
China 321000

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